RSF Success Story

Rory Larson

Rory attended the University of Maine and is now the Conservation Science Manager for the Steep Rock Association.

Rory Larson

Rory Larson grew up exploring the Shepaug River Valley. Here, he gained an appreciation for nature and decided to pursue a career protecting wild places and their inhabitants. Rory received his degree in wildlife ecology, a top-tier program, at the University of Maine. He is currently the Conservation Science Manager at Steep Rock Association.

Since 2007, Rory’s work has spanned taxonomic groups and conservation efforts across the country, from sea turtles in Florida to Canada lynx in Maine, spotted owls in the High Sierras of California, and endemic fish in the deserts of Utah. Most recently, he has studied and managed habitat for imperiled species in the Northeast. Rory is now the Conservation Science Manager at Steep Rock Association where he applies all he has learned to enhance the biological diversity and ecological integrity of lands and waters encompassing 5,500 acres in the Washington area.

“The Roxbury Scholarship Foundation made it possible for me to study wildlife ecology in a top-tier program at the University of Maine, building a critical base of knowledge and experience that prepared me for real world scientific research.”

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