RSF Success Story

Jamie Reilly

Jamie attended Boston University and is now a research scientist.

Jamie Reilly

Jamie Reilly works as a research scientist at the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY. After graduating from Boston University with an M.Ed. in Coaching and Sport Psychology in 2015, he accepted a volunteer position at USMA coaching their swim and dive team. Once at USMA, Jamie developed an interest in Chemistry and the Life Sciences and was able to study under the guidance of LTC Luis Alvarez, Ph.D. Since beginning with the USMA CLS Dept. in 2015, Jamie’s work has expanded to include methods for diagnosing osteoarthritis, mTBI/concussions, Lyme disease, and biological engineering relevant to 3D/4D printing of ready-to-implant human organs.

"Many thanks to the generous people of Roxbury for providing support and launching me into an exciting career of scientific research, biomedical engineering, medical diagnostics, and studying the intersection of technology, medicine and human performance."

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